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Since 2010, Mind Melodies Tutoring and Music Lessons has provided quality tutoring services and music lessons to children and adults by providing them with the genuine care they deserve.

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A team of music tutors who are able to teach beginner to intermediate piano, flute, piccolo, saxophone, brass, woodwind, guitar, and violin for all ages


Mini Melodies playgroup, daycare music program and kindergarten classes.

Tunes Together intergenerational musical playgroup. Also includes Aged Care Music Programs & Performances, specifically for dementia and assisted living units.


A team of highly qualified tutors who are passionate about giving children the best opportunity and resources to achieve.

Prep to Year 12 : All subjects


Beginning with a few students while still in school myself, I found my passion for teaching others about the joy of music. Over the years, my student numbers have grown and I am now excited to expand into music education classes for kindergarten and pre-school students, baby and toddler music free-play classes, and intergenerational musical playgroups!

Studying psychology, music, education and history at Griffith University has provided me with extensive knowledge on the intrinsic relationship between music, the mind, and the brain.

I am now, and always will be, truly passionate about music and education.

Now with two children of my own, and the experience that comes with that, I am confident enough to take my business in a new and exciting direction.

I hope you will enjoy following me on my journey, and look forward to seeing you in my classes or out and about! ​

Amy Shanley

Founder of Mind Melodies Tutoring and Music Lessons
Learn all about music with fun games,
songs, dancing and more! 
These classes will also teach
children basic AUSLAN in
an inclusive musical group.
Tunes Together brings music
education to the community through
an intergenerational musical
playgroup, closing the gap in isolation
within our community.

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