✔   Language and social skills development

✔    Exposure to other languages, cultures

✔    Designed to fulfil aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework, while working towards the Foundation year of Australian Curriculum

✔    Developing fundamental skills for aural training

✔    Sensory filled activities and games

✔    Proudly inclusive of all students, able to adjust program to ensure all children have the best chance of an amazing time!


Mini Melodies is the best early years music program available across South-East Queensland!

Created by a classical musician and mum of two, with a history in education and psychology, Mini Melodies provides an exceptional music education program to early childhood centres, and family daycare centres as a weekly incursion.

Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Australian Curriculum, we’ve done the planning so you don’t have to!

Covering fundamentals such as rhythm, pitch, timbre, tone, rhyme, dynamics, tempo and more, Mini Melodies uses music to support important developmental building blocks for language, speech, social and emotional development.

Oh, and did I mention we are truly inclusive? Indigenous perspectives respectfully incorporated wherever possible, as well as teaching AUSLAN key signs, allowing every child and every educator to be able to enjoy music. As we tell our classes, “We learn to sing with our fingers so everyone can enjoy our beautiful music!”.

Do you have children with sensory issues or additional needs? We will always work with your centre to ensure the highest quality care, ensuring to the best of our ability that every child is provided with every chance to enjoy the session.

Want to be a part of the Mini Melodies family? Contact us today to book your first session now