Musical Intergenerational Playgroup

Tunes Together is a musically based intergenerational playgroup for children aged 0-5 years, their families, and residents of local aged care facilities. Children and their ‘helpers’ learn the fundamentals of music through song, dance, games and interactive learning, as well as learning basic AUSLAN to expand the inclusiveness of the program. The activities have been created in consultation with a former Diversional Therapist, so are of high quality and appropriate for both our older and younger members! Children enrich the lives of those around them, and our older generations have valuable life experiences and knowledge that they can impart on our young people, their families and the broader community.

Tunes Together can be run as Aged Care Music Program/Performances as well, specifically for dementia and assisted living units.

Imagine for a moment, sitting in a room buzzing with the laughter and giggles of small children and the broad smiles on the faces of everyone else in the room, old and young learning together about the fundamentals of music, and expressing their joy through dance, laughter and the music itself. The parents of these children have the opportunity to extend their own support groups within the aged community, finding comfort and friendship from people who have already walked the path that is now before them.

Classes are FREE for all family participants, children and residents.

I truly believe this program would be beneficial for all facets of the community, bringing society together and enriching the lives of everyone involved. “Composing memories to last a lifetime”.

If you are an aged care service wanting to find out more information about bringing the program to your centres, please click “Get In Touch” below to start your enquiry!


Monday’s 9:30am

20-24 Loane Drive Edens Landing, Southern Cross Care Retirement Village

Tunes Together A5 Flyer

Tunes Together Aged Care Brochure